[ Crucible of Reflection ]

Circumcision of the heart


Do not take love for granted. Once it is found it cannot be lost. Become aware of the things in which you love, and which you do not love to do. Become aware of the people in whom show you love, and those that do not. Without love, growth is impossible. With love, the greatest feats become achievable. Therefore I tell you; separate yourself from that in which you  do not love. Adjoin yourself to that in which you love, and your life will flourish.


Where there is darkness, the light will shine brighter than anywhere else. Where there is darkness, it reminds you how to appreciate the light. With the light there comes vision. With darkness, there comes emotion. One can not exist without the other. Awareness of both are necessary in order to achieve balance.


Remember, you are more than what you go through. Each struggle is just another obstacle to overcome. Only steel sharpens steel. If you are tough, then you must go through tough circumstances in order to become tougher than you were. The tragedy of today’s man is not his social conditions, but his lack of will to change them.


You must lose yourself before you can find yourself. Look within and only then will you find who you truly are. Freedom is not just physical, but spiritual. Let your soul roam free from restraints of this world. Free from traditions , and free from the struggles of man. Only then will you find true freedom.


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