The Hidden Meaning Behind The Symbolism Of the U.S. Dollar



Take a look at the backside of the Dollar

*I encourage you to grab your own dollar and look for yourselves. But for practicality purposes, I will provide all images.


The Great seal on the left and the Eagle on the right are what we look at here today.

us dollar.jpg


A Closer Look at the Great Seal

annuit coeptus.jpg

The Words:

Annuit Coeptus layers the top.

Annuit coeptus.png

Novus Ordo Seclorum layers the bottom.


novus ordo.png

Here are both links if you would like to read the full translations yourself


Now For the Right Side


E pluribus unum

epluribus unum.png


I will leave all interpretations of the translations to you for this one. My spirit tells me it is enough food for thought just as it is.