There are many times throughout my life where I have felt an immense feeling of being ‘pulled’ to do something or go somewhere. There are times where I have noticed too many distinct reoccurring events for them to be just a ‘coincidence’. Today I write to you based on my own personal experiences where I have felt that the universe was the supporting force behind my actions, visions, or interactions. I behoove you to pay attention to these signs as they are vitally important to your walk in life and your soul purpose.


1) Reoccurring Dreams 

  There are several periods within my life where I have gone to sleep to the same dream scenario within the same week. – Sometimes within the same night.- Often times , I will notice similarities between different dreams within  objects, environments, people, or even language . The reason the universe is consistently showing you this reoccurring vision is because there is a message for you to find and it is absolutely important to your well-being.

2) Reoccurring Thoughts

  My mind is like a racetrack, except that there are many cars but only one driver. I am the master of my mind, so I have to ask myself sometimes “Why can’t I stop thinking about this?”. I have noticed these reoccurring thoughts often come in the form of music, past conversations, tough situations, hard decisions about relationships, or even just a feeling of “I should do this”. People have told me “Oh, you’re overthinking.” That may be true, but the fact still stands, That If I do not figure out why these thoughts are coming to me, I do not find peace of mind. When the message is found within the repeating phrases, that is when my mind achieves peace.

3) Reoccurring Numbers

  This sign has  , by far, taken me the longest to see and understand. It wasn’t until I was able to correlate the similarities between the numbers in my dreams and the people I encountered, that I was able to realize the universe was sending me a message. I saw the number 711 within a dream. Then I saw my ex and realized our anniversary date was on July, 11th (7.11). As we started back talking, for some odd reason, she would text me every day at exactly 7:11 P.M for three days straight. It then became obvious to me that there is something very mysterious about the way we are connected to not just each other but to the energy of the galaxy as well. Though this sign has taken me the longest to see, it is by far one of the most frequent and obvious now. These synchronicities lead me to believe that Angels speak through numbers. – If you would like to know what my number 711 meant, take a look at Sacred Scribe Angel Numbers. –


make your own luck

4) Luck and Coincidence

  Luck and coincidence are , in my opinion, two of the biggest myths ever known to man. (Even bigger than the tooth fairy.) I don’t believe that we, as complex beings, are capable of making decisions without thinking  whether it be subconsciously or consciously. Therefore, If it appears that something happened due to luck, or it’s just a coincidence, it is merely an illusion. The reason this has happened to you is because you decided to act, and in return, you received a reaction. (Newtons Third Law). Therefore I tell you, do not take anything that gravitates towards you in life for granted. The universe has heard your voice and has rewarded you. It is all for the benefit of you along your path. Even when it seems negative


5) Déjà Vu

  Déjà Vu is that  euphoric feeling that occurs when I am on the right path. I believe the universe allows us as beings to have this feeling of excitement to let us know that we are in fact headed in the right direction. During times of Déjà Vu, I would advise  you to guard your thoughts very closely. What I mean by this is, when this feeling occurs, pay very close attention to the events happening around you, and the thoughts that you have about them. Use your inner-wisdom and intuition to guide you to make the best of the situation at hand. Most of all, keep your thoughts positive.

Why The Universe Gives You Signs

Well, let’s start by looking at the etymology of the word ‘universe’. Uni (latin) = One and Vertere (latin)  translates to Versus(Latin) = turned, so combined the word Uni-verse= Combined into one, or  whole.

In order  for the universe to be whole, each individual who is part of this whole entity must do it’s job in order to maintain balance. The universe knows the path you must take in order to fulfill your life purpose and encourages you to do so. There is a job that only you can do, no one else, and without this job completed, there leaves an imbalance in the world. Therefore, the universe will do all it can to guide you, and show you the path that will bring you the most joy. And not only will it direct your path, but it will make sure you are protected while doing so.

Print  Think of the universe as one big functionally dysfunctional family. You have the head of the house, the father and the mother ( the universe and its helpers(angels)) and then you have the children ( Human Beings ).  The head of the house knows what the children needs, but they can’t force you to realize it, they can only tell you, and hope that you see the truth. Even if the parent tries to force the child to do what’s right, it only creates resistance. This is why there is a universal law of free will for mankind. But the parents will do all that they can to help the child along its’ path, once it see’s that the child is on the right path that is. And unlike earthly parents, the universe does not make mistakes.

When you are being contacted by the universe, take your sign, and follow it. Do not hesitate, or be frightened by the messages it brings to you.  You will be guided, and protected, every step of the way. Remember, change is good, as change is required for progress to be made. – Infinite Peace & Love

I lean not on my own understanding, but that which is granted to me by the Father, the  Almighty God, The Alpha, and The Omega.

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