[ Flowing Positivity ]


The murky waters that the flower grows in does not stop it from shining with luminosity. On the contrary, the flower’s beauty indeed stands out more so. Such as this flower, so are you. Your environment may not be desirable. But you shine brighter than what surrounds you. You are a light within the darkness. And a light amongst the darkness shines brighter than a light surrounded by illumination


Calm yourself. When you are in too deep. Find yourself. You have not drowned yet. You have simply reached a new depth. Meditate and you will surely find peace. Embrace these new depths, because soon enough, you will surely rise again.


Since the moment of inception, the dreamer has become awake. The dreamer has become awake to what is real and what is faux. The dreamer questions reality and believes in their own vision. The dreamer no longer sees with his eyes, but their viewpoint is perception.




Signs Of The Universe
Live and Learn
Your True Path
Follow Your Dreams
I lean not on my own understanding, but that which is granted to me by the Father, the  Almighty God, The Alpha, and The Omega.

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