Mind Games Of This World

Become aware of the illusory traces and forms of hypnosis this world places upon you. Break free from these bonds, and free your subconscious mind. 

Color key: Red – How to Fight | Green – How You’re affected

Forms of Trance:

1 Television Programming –

How T.V. Affects you :
  • Subtle Influence on your subconscious mind.
  • Reformation of your thought process
  • Desensitizing through Humor, Horror,  Music, structured ‘Reality’, Tragicity
How To Fight This:
  • Don’t Watch Tv or movies.
  • If you must watch tv, Be very aware of what shows you choose to watch and their purpose.
  • Learn. Turn learning into your entertainment. Seek knowledge as you once sought entertainment.
  • Watch specific videos based on subjects of motivation, learning, positivity, and knowledge.
  • Stay away from watching anything ‘Hollywood’ unless you are able watch their videos or movies with  a learning eye.

Waking Hypnosis –

How Hypnosis Affects You:
  • Substantial influence on your subconscious mind
  • Altered thought process, through ‘positive’ motivation
How To Fight This:
  • Realize you have the power to manifest your inner desires on your own
  • Do not depend on others for advice or change for your life.
  • Fight pact mentality, and follow your own inner being.
  • Look within for answers and not without.
  • Realize that you can provide yourself with this same positive motivation.

Deep Sleep Hypnosis –

How Sleep Hypnosis Affects You:
  • Insurmountable influence on your subconscious mind
  • Complete Altered thought process, through ‘positive’ motivation
How To Fight This:
  • Stop depending on others and look within to become the greatest version of yourself
  • Become aware of your own inner kingdom through Dreams and Sleep Meditation
  • Become aware of yourself through meditation
  • Recapitulation of experiences both physical and metaphysical.
  • Realize that you hold within you the keys to your own kingdom of heaven that is within.