Why Dreams Are Important.

1 – Your dreams are directly constructed from your subconscious mind

Your dreams come to fruition as a direct result of the things in which your subconscious mind sees throughout the day. Your subconscious mind is more powerful than that of your conscious mind. Your lower mind tells you when to breath , and when to blink. It makes it the majority of what you are, therefore it is  the most powerful article  in you. Your subconscious speaks to you in the night based upon the things in which you have thought or see. Therefore it brings you a message on how to better yourself. It speaks to you to let you know what it is that you need to take, or learn from the day. It informs you of the message that needs to be learned.

2 – Your dreams feed on the energy that defines you

We all deem what we think is important. We have these ideals and these beliefs that we structure our lives upon. Your dreams are based upon this same energy. Therefore, if you could understand your dreams, you can begin to understand your innermost self. You would know, What is so important to you, that when you go to sleep, you are now seeing visions of it.

3 – Your dreams are warnings of both good and bad future events

I’ve been able to give live prophecies of events to come simply because my dreams or my spirit has told me so. Some are good, some are bad, some are worse. But when I see those good events coming, it gives me hope. This is a state in which I know every dreamer can reach. If they pay attention to the signs within themselves.

4- Your dreams are your internal compass and guide through tough life decisions

I truly believe your dreams come from your subconscious, or your spirit communicating with a higher energy. Everything around us is simply information, and how we intercept that information depends on the frequency in which we resonate with. The reason we see objects as being physical is because this object operates at a certain wavelength. Its’ heat energy has brought it to a certain phase. So If everything around us simply information, then how we interpret this information can help us through life. So if we could look within ourselves, within our internal compass, we could look at life in a more profound way. Because we are one with ourselves, we can collect more of this information, and make wiser decisions based upon it.

5- Your dreams are the only thing in this world that comes 100% from you

Throughout the day you are bombarded by many outside sources. The tv, your cell phone,  social media, people around you, movies. All these outside sources are cluttering your brain! In the night your subconscious brings these messages to you specifically in a way that you can understand , if you choose to. Therefore, everything you see in the night is meant for you to learn a lesson. Its’ one hundred percent you and how you’ve interpreted this information you’ve gained throughout the day. So if you could completely decipher your dreams, you could make much clearer accusations and analyzation about what you’ve seen, the things in which have happened, about what you are, and what you are to be. Because everything is information, and your subconscious mind can interpret this information in a much clearer way than you could understand.

6- Your dreams will help you to become the greatest version of yourself

You must change in order to progress, and every night your dreams constitute change. In order to become the greatest version of myself. I listen to my dreams. How does this help? It causes circumcision. It causes me to look within myself and figure out what’s actually wrong. I don’t run from myself. Because every night when I go to sleep i have to face myself. If you choose to become your greatest version then you have to look within yourself. You have to be aware, and raise your awareness of everything. You can never sleep, but you should always dream. Whether you’re awake or you’re asleep, you should still be awake. You should still be dreaming, and asking yourself “How can I Achieve?”

Thank you for reading WHY DREAMS ARE IMPORTANT

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By. Asher Bryan

I lean not on my own understanding, but that which is granted to me by the Father, the  Almighty God, The Alpha, and The Omega.

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