First and foremost, I will describe what a Lucid Dream actually is on a factual basis, and remove any controversy you may have. Then I will move on to “How To Lucid Dream” using the WILD method.

A ‘Lucid Dream‘ is any dream in which the Dreamer is aware that they are within a dream while having said Dream. Lucid Dreams are often confused with ‘OOBE‘s- Out of Body experiences-. Though an OOBE may be considered a Lucid Dream, every Lucid Dream is not an OOBE. An OOBE only occurs when your spirit is able to break loose from its’ container (Physical body) and roam the dimensions free from restraint.  Lucid Dreaming is, in fact, the first step to being able to have an Out of Body Experience.

Now with that being cleared up, let me start by saying I have been Lucid Dreaming for about 2 years now, consistently, every night. As a result of my own experiences, I truly believe that becoming aware during your dreams is the first step to becoming the greatest version of yourself. Congratulations on taking the first step to becoming a master of your own life!


How to Lucid Dream (W.I.L.D)

Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming – Keep your Mind Awake while your  Body Falls Asleep

Recommended and Required Materials: 1)Previous Dream Experience (Dream Journal Highly recommended) 2)Patience

STEP 1 – Find peace before you attempt to sleep. Isolate yourself from Television, phones,radio,music, anything that is not you. The purpose of Lucid Dreaming is to find your own truth. You don’t need any outside interaction. I  highly recommend reading your previous dream journal entries before bed if you are not an experienced Lucid Dreamer. This is so that you start to learn how your mind speaks to you in the spirit. Eventually, you will begin to recognize patterns or repeated messages and objects within your dreams. This will make it easier to become aware during your dreams, but this takes time and practice.

STEP 2 – With a clear mind, lay down where you choose to sleep and find a comfortable position. -I usually start on my back- This is where patience comes into play. You must lay here with a mindful awareness that you will lucid dream tonight. Lay still, resisting any urge to move, until you naturally feel your mind begin to play. What I mean by this is, before I begin to lucid dream, my mind will seem as if it’s playing tricks on me. I begin to hear thoughts that do not pertain to any aspect of my life. Random voices or sounds. Often times I begin to see faint objects or environments within my minds eye.  I believe this is my body’s way of letting me know I am ready to sleep awake.

STEP 3 – After receiving your signal that your mind is ready to play, it is time to begin sleeping. Roll over to your MOST comfortable position – this is always on my left side- and begin to drift into a deep sleep. Keep your mind as aware as possible, but DO NOT FORCE It. This is where most people fail, they try too hard and fight their body’s natural ability to sleep awake.

Keep in mind, this is all written assuming the fact that you already have the ability to remember your dreams. If you can’t, take a look at my page on How To Remember And Interpret Your Dreams.

If this does not work the first time, have patience, and try again the next day. It is not wise to try multiple times during the same night, as sleeping this way puts a huge toll on your body.
If it does work, don’t panic while in your dream state, stay calm, and let things flow naturally. You will gradually begin to control more and more parts of your dreams as you become more aware. Don’t force it.

Thank you for reading HOW TO LUCID DREAM

By. Asher Bryan

I lean not on my own understanding, but that which is granted to me by the Father, the  Almighty God, The Alpha, and The Omega.

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