In this section, I will teach you How To Remember and How To Interpret your own Dreams. Your dreams are a gateway to your inner-self and your true being.  Whether you are aware of it or not, your dreams will manifest themselves into your reality. Researchers say that during REM(Rapid Eye Movement)(dream) period, that a person may have more than one dream. I believe this is your soul creating and showing you a story of what has happened and what will happen.

I have been sleeping awake for almost two years now, and these are the steps that I believe have helped me. These steps will work only with Faith, and Persistence. Remembering your dreams comes with  many days of vigorous practice, but the first step is self-awareness.Once you become aware of yourself, what calms you and what aggravates your sleeping habits, the rest will follow. If Remembering your Dreams interests you then be sure to check out  my other section about How To Lucid Dream.

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How To Remember Your Dreams

Recommended and Required Materials: A Journal (This will become your Dream Journal. Do not use it for anything else and always keep it near you when you sleep.)

STEP 1 – Become aware of your sleeping habits. Ask yourself, when was the last time you had a good nights sleep, and why? Often times going to sleep with a calm mind will lead to a more sound sleep,which in return gives you more vivid dreams.

STEP 2 – The next time you plan to sleep, set aside an ample amount of time for you to rest. Many of times I will forget my dreams when I’m interrupted during my sleep or prematurely awakened by an outside force -not within the dreams-. Ten hours is about the average amount of time I set aside for me to sleep, but the guidance and answers I receive from my dreams gives me so much purpose in life, sometimes I wish I could dream longer.  Now that you have time, Go to sleep Mindful! Be aware that you will dream tonight.

STEP 3 – When you awaken- whether it is in the middle of the night or towards the end of your sleep cycle- if you feel like you’ve had a dream, the FIRST thing you should do is nothing. Lay still, keep a calm mind, and don’t move! Try your hardest to visualize anything you might have seen, heard, or felt within your dream. Once you have grasped that concept , you must now re-create a story around any of the concepts you remember. This may take some time depending on how strong the dream or vision was, and how adept you are as a Dreamer. It sometimes takes me anywhere between 30 seconds to 10 minutes. Sometimes I won’t remember until much later that day.

STEP 4 – The SECOND you have recalled that dream, begin to Write It Down! This is the most crucial step towards remembering your dreams. I have been lucid dreaming for over 2 years now and I still forget certain dreams If I don’t write them down. This is where that Dream Journal comes in handy. This will be your greatest tool towards remembering your dreams and eventually Interpretation.


How To Interpret Your Dreams

Recommended and Required Materials: 1) A Dream to analyze 2)Faith in yourself

STEP 1 Recall your dream to memory. -If you have written your dream down then simply grab your journal-

STEP 2 – Translate your dream using the “As Above So Below” theory and interpret the dream with a feeling of righteousness. What I mean by this is: what feels right to you. The way your spirit speaks to you may not be logical to someone else, therefore it is best for you to analyze your own dreams.

So for example:


Within my dream  a few nights ago, I was in a car with two friends. Xavier and Brianna. We rolled up to an extreme sports event and Xavier immediately left the car. He went past everything ground level and swiftly moved to the highest ramp within the park. I lost sight of him and he never returned before the dream ended.


I was in a car with two friends.To me this symbolizes movement. Their names were Brianna and Xavier. Brianna means Strong, Ascended. Xavier means The New House,Bright. Xavier wasted no time in leaving the car and quickly moved to the highest point in the area.  This is where I begin the implementation of the “As Above So Below” method in-depth. Xavier leaving with Brianna present means two things: Above(Physical)-He will go to the highest extremes to impress a woman. Below(Metaphysical)- My new house will be bright and established at ascended heights. To me, ‘house’ here means new foundation  or path in life.  I lost sight of Xavier and did not see him again before the dream ended. I may not be able to see this house now, but maybe in the future. 

STEP 3 – Prayer. Sometimes a dream may be so far manifested into our future that we may not be able to completely understand it at this point in our lives. All you can do is ask for divine guidance and have faith that the spirits will provide you with the discernment to understand that which you do not know.

*Remember: Your truth is not someone else truth. Always seek inner-wisdom when analyzing your own life!


By. Asher Bryan

I lean not on my own understanding, but that which is granted to me by the Father, the  Almighty God, The Alpha, and The Omega.