Announcment: I have moved to Houston, Texas


After the riveting dreams of the past weekend. I applied to over 107 jobs in hopes to find work within the Houston area. Yesterday, I awoke to multiple phone calls regarding employment opportunities. Needless to say, I hopped on the first plane ticket to Houston and am now searching for work. I attended 2 interviews today and have over 7 more scheduled this week.

As i’m devoting my time to finding a job, I pray that you dreamers have patience and do not stop the pursuit of your own dreams. I won’t be able to release videos as frequently as I’d like to  until i get my schedule intact. Very soon I will find the job that fits me. Then I will  return to production of dream training and lucid dream talks.

Infinite Peace brothers and sisters,

Asher Bryan


Daily Water “Growth”


To achieve progress is to grow. Growth is the instinctual  premise for all life on this earth. So I implore you to ask yourself. How are you growing? How are you achieving advancement?  What can you do to better yourself ? Through experience, progress is made; but without change, progress is impossible.

Daily Water “Knowledge”


Through experience, we, as beings, begin to learn. Through experience, we gain wisdom and insight. Through experience, we gain understanding, and knowledge. Without having gone through anything, you are as a toddler not having taken his first step. Though in taking this first step, you now know that you can walk. To experience and to share experiences; This is the meaning of life.

Daily Fire “True Sin”


Forgive but never forget. For sin by definition, is to fall victim to your emotion. To let your emotions control you, and for you to not control them, you have lost. Forgive yourself and continue the fight. Do not forget what you have learned. Move forward, progress, and learn to stay true to yourself. Trust yourself, for in following others you lose yourself and become anonymous. Do not be anon. Do not let the guild of your past defeat you. Fight and stay true to who you are.

The CRAZIEST and longest Lucid Dreams i’ve ever had.

Infinite Peace Brothers and Sisters

 **Video Below**

A faceless woman appeared to me in my dreams to tell me I was lucid dreaming. Then a string of crazy imaginative dream sequences began. I believe my subconscious is telling me it’s time for yet another change in my life. I believe the changes I’m supposed to make involve leaving College and becoming my own indie game developer. I haven’t decided yet but, well see what happens.


Daily Water “Dreams of Reflection”


Look within and there you find your true self. Look without and your vision will be clouded by the obscurity that is man. Within, you hold the secrets to unlocking your potential. Without, you are bombarded by opinions and thoughts that are not of yourself. Your true self is an individual being destined to create with a peculiar innovation. The world of man attempts to take away your individualistic mindset. Be yourself, and follow your dreams for no one else can. You hold within you a distinctive energy unlike any other. Use this energy, and shape the world of man to the visions that you fall asleep to within the night. These visions are your destiny. Live the dream.

Daily Bread “We Are One”

We-are-one.jpgYou are awesome. You, are capable of achieving anything you set your mind to. You hold within you the secrets of the universe. Look within; your perception is truth. God’s Energy flows through you like rivers ; rivers ascending from mountains scraping the heavens. You are worthy because so. I am you, and you are me. God’s energy intertwines us within the deepest most parts of our inner being. I look within, and I find all I seek. I seek the truth, I seek destiny, I seek greatness.

Daily Bread “Temple Of Man”


Your body holds the keys to heaven. Your inner-being is the gateway to heaven. Your mind is the portal to all consciousness. Your spirit will guide you to awareness within and without. To become one with yourself, is to live in unity with the universe.

Daily Fire “Whole Love”


Do not take love for granted. Once it is found it cannot be lost. Become aware of the things in which you love, and which you do not love to do. Become aware of the people in whom show you love, and those that do not. Without love, growth is impossible. With love, the greatest feats become achievable. Therefore I tell you; separate yourself from that in which you  do not love. Adjoin yourself to that in which you love, and your life will flourish.

Daily Water “Pink Lotus”


The murky waters that the flower grows in does not stop it from shining with luminosity. On the contrary, the flower’s beauty indeed stands out more so. Such as this flower, so are you. Your environment may not  be desirable. But you shine brighter than what surrounds you. You are a light within the darkness.  And a light amongst the darkness shines brighter than a light surrounded by illumination.